International breakthrough for HÅG’s design

HÅG tildeles den internasjonale og prestisjetunge designprisen red dot design award


HÅG has received the prestigious international red dot design award: product design for its HÅG Futu office chair. The red dot design award is one of the world’s most widely recognised design competitions and it gives HÅG’s focus on Scandinavian design a European breakthrough.

The red dot design award is given for high quality design. It is an international mark of quality, awarded by an international jury only to products whose unique design marks them out as clearly different from comparable products. The jury judges the products on the basis of innovation, functionality, ergonomics, the environment and user-friendliness. This year’s jury had to decide between 4,525 products from 1,636 companies in 57 countries.

HÅG’s Futu is an elegant work chair that looks impressively simple from the outside, but has all functionality built inside the chair. The details have been perfected over several years’ development and the chair is now being launched internationally.

“For HÅG, the red dot award is a reward for long term design strategy,” says Christian Lodgaard, director of Research & Development. “We are being rewarded for many years of design effort, in which balanced seating comfort, quality and eco-friendly solutions have been the very cornerstone of the design philosophy.”

“We are pleased and proud to have won the red dot award: product design. This award is proof that innovation is absolutely essential to be the best. Our design philosophy is important in helping us create new and lasting competitive advantages, and this prestigious award is very stimulating” says CEO Lars I. Røiri. “Sales of the HÅG Futu have exceeded all expectations and this chair has helped us break into new markets, as well as gaining us greater acceptance among important target groups, such as designers and architects. That makes it especially good to receive such international recognition,” he concludes.

The HÅG Futu has already won several awards, including the Norwegian Design Council’s Award for Design Excellence and Environmental Award.